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Seats up for election                                                                     
May 05, 2018:
At Large Council Seat No. 2--Bill Lancaster
At Large Council Seat No. 3--Rodney Nichols
​At Large Council Seat No. 5--Curtis Wiethorn
​2018 Election Calendar

The City Council of Valley Mills voted to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with Bosque County.  This agreement contracts with them to run the City of Valley Mills May 2018 City  General Election.  A copy of that agreement may be found here:
Where to Vote
By Mail: Elections Administrator, PO Box 411, Meridian, Texas 76665

Early Voting: Bosque County Courthouse, 110 South Main, Meridian, Texas 76665

May 05, 2018: Valley Mills Council Chambers, 505 D. St, Valley Mills, Texas 76689
Voting Time from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.​

Questions regarding voting times should be directed to the Elections Administrator at 254.435.6650
Notice of General Election